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 The proposal envisages a new way of living and travelling in a world, where the boundaries of daily living and ephemeral tourism have blurred. It is adressed to the modern voyager who seeks to carry and develop his personal space into a reality of inexhaustible probabilities. 

 The voyager takes a room-shell to accompany his life, as does his own body, and within it he moves, flies, floats, hangs,connects in various patterns, dwells in existing cities and landscapes, joins infrastructure containers and abandons it in order to voluntarily participate in the new composition of the society.

All the traditional dwelling spaces related to sleep, bath, food, illumination, orientation, inspiration, free time management redefine their restrictive structures and transform themselves into a flexible aetherial sensory experience, whereas every other activity transfers to the common space, the new city, which completes the minimal structure of the shell and becomes crucial part for the individual human life.


docking_towers : minimal vertical structure with the essential infrastructures for maintance, connection and charging. Provides connection spots with folding floor.


voya_ lowershell:

1.super-light weight nanotube structure

2.waterproof paint coverage

3.drone air outlet


voya_ uppershell:

1.super-light weight nanotube structure

2.photovoltaic paint coverage

3.drone air inlet

4.graphene diming glass - screen



1.maintenance core (food processing, hygiene, storage)

2.resting surface (sleeping, sitting, dining) from viscoelastic foam

3.free flow space hard floor




1.propulsion engines

2.recycling engines (water, waste)

3.general storage

4.battery pack - inverters

5.electrical wiring





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