The collection of drawings about the project’s construction details, material properties, and construction techniques is known as detail design in architecture. It serves to cover all stages of the project’s construction up until delivery and is a crucial component of the architectural study. 

A team of engineers and designers implements the detailed design, adhering to a framework of simplicity and clarity that will make it fully understandable to all project participants. The design team is directed and coordinated by the project manager to gather the necessary data, communicate it to the parties concerned, and establish a strong connection with the Owner.

Project Cost​

We create a thorough list of project expenses for both the project’s beginning and to aid in its financing. Every substance has a unique code, and the cost is obtained from the market. As a result, we have excellent cost management and may make adjustments to serve the project budget.

Time Scheduling​

A project schedule outlines the tasks that must be completed, the resources that must be used, and the project’s due date. It’s a timeline that specifies the beginning and ending times as well as the milestones that must be attained for the project to be finished on schedule. A work breakdown structure and the project schedule are frequently used together to assign tasks to team members. To have a better idea of the project’s status, the schedule should be updated frequently.