In architecture, the process of creating a collection of drawings that encompass the construction details, material specifications, and building techniques is referred to as detail design. This phase is integral to the overall architectural study and covers all aspects of the construction process leading up to project completion.

A team comprising engineers and designers is responsible for executing the detailed design. They adhere to a framework that prioritizes simplicity and clarity, ensuring that the drawings are easily comprehensible for all project participants. Under the guidance and coordination of the project manager, the design team collects the necessary data, communicates it effectively to the relevant stakeholders, and establishes a strong connection with the project owner.

Project Cost​

We meticulously compile a comprehensive inventory of project expenses, encompassing both the initial phase of the project and assisting in securing financing. Each material is assigned a unique code, and its cost is determined based on market rates. This meticulous approach enables us to effectively manage costs and make necessary adjustments to align with the project budget.

Time Scheduling​

A project schedule serves as a blueprint, detailing the necessary tasks, required resources, and the project’s designated deadline. It functions as a timeline, specifying the start and end dates, as well as important milestones that need to be achieved for timely project completion. Often, a work breakdown structure is employed in conjunction with the project schedule to allocate tasks to team members. Regular updates to the schedule are vital in order to gain a clear understanding of the project’s progress and status.