This design is about a private residence in Zoitada, in Patras. The extraordinary thing about this project is that the design did not end with the design of the residence, but the plot was also designed in order to take full advantage of it. In more detail, the site was divided into four zones, its one with a different function: the first one is where the infrastructures are placed, the second consists of the residence and the passages, the third one is a green zone and the fourth consist of facilities for the entertainment of the residence. There were two things to be taken into account for the design of the main residence and those were the sloppy ground of the site and the view of the sea that it provided. The main purpose was to maintain those characteristics of the plot and that is why the building was designed to connect the second and the third zone which had different altitudes. The volume is a cuboid that is covered by a sloping roof with an opposite tilt angle from the site. In that way, the residence enhanced the view of the sea, offering a place with a panoramic view. The building has also an indoor park lot and a pool in the front yard. The materials used for the residence were mainly concrete and rocks.


The designing of the residence and the site it belongs to was a challenging process because of the sloppy plot, the different facilities with the different functions the owner wanted to include, but also the fact that we wanted the building to be in harmony with its surroundings. The plot was divided into four zones containing the different functions. The zone with the biggest altitude was dedicated to entertainment, based on the view it provided. After that came the green zone and after that is the transit zone which consists of the residence and the passages that lead to it. The last zone - which is on the same level as the highway - is the infrastructure zone. The residence is a cuboid, half buried in the green zone. Its structure is simple: all the rooms are in the front facade and have direct access to the front yard. The main road of the plot leads to the entrance of the building and the inside parking lot, which are located at the back of the volume. The largest room is the living room with the kitchen and the second largest is the main bedroom. There are also three same-sized bedrooms, a bathroom and a WC. The front yard has two levels, the second one has an outdoor swimming pool. The building is covered by a sloping, green roof that connects with the green zone. The roof has the opposite tilting angle from that of the site and thus it creates a point with a greater altitude and view of the sea. When the site is seen from above, it is impossible to see the residence - only the passages are visible - but when it is seen from the front, every function of the residence is visible and easily distinguished. The materials selected for the residence were concrete and rocks, mainly because they make the building look solid and also they connect it directly with its surroundings.




Aug 2019


Construction On Hold


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