Marousi School

Designing a school building is always a complex task, but our project faced a unique challenge. Beneath our site lies an ancient Roman Empire pipe, a piece of history we couldn't disturb. This required us to get creative and think outside the box. We had to ensure the structure would hover above the pipe without touching or damaging it, balancing modern architectural needs with historical preservation. Our approach involved meticulous planning and innovative engineering solutions, ensuring that the school not only meets educational needs but also respects and preserves our rich historical heritage

Schools are not just buildings; they are impactful structures that shape society by imparting essential knowledge and skills. They serve as crucial environments where individuals learn the fundamentals of how to operate within our communities. From basic literacy and numeracy to critical thinking and social interaction, schools play a pivotal role in equipping individuals with the tools needed to thrive in society. Beyond academics, they foster values of teamwork, empathy, and civic responsibility, preparing students to contribute meaningfully to their communities. As centers of learning and growth, schools stand as pillars of societal development, nurturing the next generation of informed and engaged citizens.


The texture of the materials is close to the earth despite the building appearing to hover above the ground. Brown, white, and gray colors are used to capture the earthy character of the building.


Vertical transparent windows are connecting the inner space of the building with the environment