Both conceptually and practically, this design approach was challenging. In addition to having fun and being able to improve the views and connections offered, we wanted to figure out how to blend the building's various volumes into a distinctive whole. We establish a connection between the residence and the city by observing how the facade pieces are at various angles. We employ the city's structures to give them a distinctive quality in the most straightforward way. Even though the idea was straightforward, it presented challenges for the structural plans. Finally, the house was planned to be a vibrant, contemporary building with distinct inside and exterior pathways. The master bedroom, two more bedrooms, a study, four bathrooms, and two guest rooms make up the building's program. It also has a kitchen and a living area with a dining room. Every level of the house has a balcony with a glass railing that overlooks the city and the ocean. At ground level, there is a swimming pool, which is a clear allusion to the ocean. To give shade around the pool and to mix in with the surrounding plots, the yards were planted with low vegetation and a few trees, especially at the end of the plot. Large windows throughout the building, especially on the west and south sides, allow for the most possible illumination from the sun.


This designing process was challenging as far as the concept and its realization is concerned. We had to find a way to create the volumes into a whole, with a fun approach and with the ability to enhance the views and the connections provided. The fact that the elements of the facade are in different angles is how we connect the residence with the city, because we took things from the buildings of the city and made them unique in the most simple way possible. On the other hand, as easy as it was as a concept, it created obstacles for the static plans. In the end, the residence was created as a modern and fun building, offering clear paths inside and outside the house. The residence consists of a kitchen, a living room with the dining room, the master bedroom, two bedrooms, a study room, four bathrooms, and two guest rooms. Every level of the residence has balconies with glass railings, which face the city and the sea. At the level of the ground, there is a swimming pool - a direct reference to the sea. The yards were planted with low vegetation and some trees, mostly at the end of the plot, creating shade by the pool, and becoming one with the neighboring plots. The building has big windows, especially in the west and south side, allowing the best sunlight to illuminate the house. The materials used were concrete, tiles, metal, and glass, making the residence a contemporary building.


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Design : 2010 Construction :




Architectural Design Project Managment

A House at the end of the city's grove


The building was constructed using concrete, tiles, metal, and glass, resulting in a contemporary design.


The structure is in a stunning location on the outskirts of the city. The building's lighting has been carefully chosen and intended to maintain a low profile in the city's grove.