Construction Site​

Throughout the project, the construction site is subject to various risks and obligations, including worker safety, material procurement, and human resource management. The effective management of these factors is crucial for the successful operation of the project, ensuring its smooth progress and execution.


Effective contractor management plays a vital role in influencing both the quality and efficiency of a project. By ensuring clear communication and providing relevant information to both project owners and contractors, the overall project quality can be enhanced. At Modify, we place great emphasis on this aspect of project management.

Bill Of Materials

At the commencement of each work phase, we create a comprehensive materials inventory. This enables us to have up-to-date information on the required materials, their timing of need, and their associated costs. By maintaining this real-time inventory, we ensure an efficient and well-informed approach to material procurement throughout the project.

Quality Control​

Ensuring the quality of the materials we receive is of utmost importance to us. To achieve this, we collaborate with reputable laboratories and conduct rigorous inspections in accordance with international standards for any critical materials involved in the project. This stringent quality control process allows us to maintain high standards and deliver projects that meet or exceed expectations.