Project Inception​

As the first phase in the project lifecycle, inception is about understanding the project scope and objectives and getting enough information to confirm whether the project should proceed – or not. So we evaluate :

⊕  the overall vision of what to build

⊕  the functionality of the project

⊕  one possible solution, and verifying that it is technically feasible 

⊕  understanding of the high-level estimate of the cost 

Project Definition and Planning​


Involves compiling data from numerous sources, each of which has various degrees of completeness and confidence.

Additional dependencies, requirements, risks, opportunities, assumptions, and restrictions will be found or handled when new project information comes to light.

Every component of the project scope, technology, risks, and prices will be examined in more and greater detail during planning process iterations.

Project Development​

Everything needed to carry out the project is organized during the development phase.

This could entail making sure all necessary approvals are obtained, land areas are identified, a project execution plan is finalized and approved, and funding is established.

When the project is ready to start being implemented, the development phase is finished.