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Marousi School

Marousi School Designing a school building is always a complex task, but our project faced a unique challenge. Beneath our site lies an ancient Roman Empire pipe, a piece of history we couldn’t disturb. This required us to get creative and think outside the box. We had to ensure the structure would hover above the …


Residencial Both conceptually and in practice, this design approach presented unique challenges. Our goal was not only to create an enjoyable space with improved views and connections but also to seamlessly integrate the diverse volumes of the building into a cohesive whole. By carefully observing the angles of the facade pieces, we established a visual …

1102-Flying Cubes

Flying Cubes school complex Date 2010 Site heraklion greece area 1500 m2 category public status finished This school complex is situated in the heart of Heraklion’s urban landscape, posing a challenge to find a suitably sized plot of land within the urban area. With the plot spanning 1500 square meters, its limited size presented an …

1101-Organic School

Organic School This innovative structure that will operate as a school is located in Fourezi which belongs to the Municipality of Paiania Glykon Neron. One of the biggest challenges in designing the project was to create a building that is the total opposite of the ones surrounding it. The building consists of two volumes: one …


Residential Salamina -2 The goal of the project is to renovate an outdated residential structure to meet contemporary needs.  The plot is placed near Salamina, Greece, just a few breaths from the ocean. The major face of the plot is a little, winding road, but the sea may be breathed on the back face of …

1147-Salamina 1

Commercial Salamina -1 This is a commercial building placed in the center of Salamina’s main road. Client Private Date 2022 Status Construction On Hold Services Architectural Design A MONOLITH OF CONCRETE Prev Next

Architecture In Motion

building is a shell of experiences.
Sometimes just shelters experiences.
Other times produces experiences.  
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Break down a project is a demanding session. At Modify we can help you making the right decisions

Whatever your project is we can make it the right way. Small scale or big scale we have the experience to do it. In Modify we design with passion.

Project preparation needs careful steps. We at Modify can help you start it right.

The cost of your dreaming project is crucial. There is a thin line between doing it and doing it right. Our choices can make it happen.


At Modify, we adopt a holistic approach to projects, recognizing the interconnectedness between planning, design, and construction. We firmly believe in the concept of dream architecture and are wholeheartedly committed to transforming visions into reality. Emphasizing buildability, we break free from conventional architectural constraints. The driving forces behind the pursuit of dream architecture are knowledge and imagination, propelling us to push boundaries and explore new possibilities.

How do we work?


Let's start at the beginning! The initial stage of any project marks its inception. During this phase, we make pivotal decisions that set the foundation for the entire endeavor. Determining the size, placement, and texture are just a few of the crucial aspects addressed at this stage.


This is where the excitement begins, as everything we envision starts to come to life. All the decisions that were made in the initial stage now take shape, and the ideas and inspiration behind them are paramount.

03. Constructing

Now it's time for reality to take center stage. Every line and image that was meticulously designed now transitions into the tangible world. The crucial aspect here lies in ensuring seamless synchronization between the design and the actual implementation, bridging the gap between imagination and realization.


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